Collection: Wear Viking Tees Tshirts

Wonderful Viking Designs

The Knutti Store offers men's tees and women's tees that make unique Viking gifts. We have taken pride in developing Viking products that are a little bit different. The entire concept of Knutti was to launch a Viking product to the market that was joyful, approachable and fun, rather than the typical heavy themes of heavily armed men that carry axes and wear angry faces! These printed tee shirts are beautiful.

We also seek to convey more insight into Viking culture by introducing Norse poetry, depictions of authentic Viking art and designs, as well as the colourful depiction of symbols such as the ‘valknut’ with a Super Man colour scheme. As a result, many of our tees feature the cartoon character Knutti the Viking with his irresistible trademark smile. We have chosen bright happy colours with purpose; make a statement with sunshine yellow, summer rose red, or freshly mown grass green!

We have also printed t-shirts with poems from the Vǫlsunga Saga and the Vafþrúðnismál written in runes, the alphabet of the Viking peoples. The wonderful thing about our tees is how they become a talking point. Our customers enjoy how others ask about Viking culture, creating a conversation that goes beyond the stereotype. We add more designs every month so please keep checking back.