Collection: Viking Mugs

Fine Bone China Cups

The Knutti Store proudly offers six cup designs in its fine bone china collection. The cup is a barrel mug design and made at the same factory as other leading fine bona china suppliers in the UK.

Embrace the spirit of the fun Knutti the Viking warrior with our exquisite Viking-themed fine bone china cups. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this cup embodies the strength and elegance of Viking culture. Each sip from this beautifully designed cup will transport you to the rugged landscapes of ancient Scandinavia, where legends were born. Elevate your drinking experience and add a touch of Viking mystique to your home with this stunning collection.

Designs include:

  • Knutti the Viking dressed in a red tunic and sporting a big smile through his red beard.
  • Knutti the Sea Viking dressed in a blue tunic while aboard a longship ferrying him from Norway to England. The cup features the run for ‘protection’.
  • Knutti at the York Minster, a fun piece that shows Knutti taking a break in front of the wonder of the ancient church in Jorvik.
  • Peachy Knutti, a lighter themed cup showing Knutti among waves of pastel-peach colours.
  • Interlace Pattern Knutti, depicting simple but elegant Viking designs which whirl around Knutti the Viking.

The cups are dishwasher proof.