Collection: Viking Plushie Viking Cuddly Toy

The perfect Viking gift... Knutti as a soft plushie! The development of Knutti as a cuddly toy has been a journey. Knutti began life as a 2-dimensional cartoon design in Adobe Illustrator.

We partnered with a wonderful factory that specialises in the careful transformation of 2-D designs into 3-D masterpieces. Not once did we take our eye off the ball – our goal was to create the best Viking cuddly toy there is on the market.

A cuddly toy must be huggable, cuddly and cute. The plushie you can buy here is the result of five different versions. We placed a lot of value in choosing the exact colour for the face and clothes, finding the right type of material to make his wonderful red-haired beard, and find the right stuffing to get the right level of huggability.

There is so much more to a high quality plushie than you might think! We wanted Knutti to be at least 30 centimetres tall and to have a squidgy belly. He is weighted so that he sits on a shelf, on your lap, or by your pillow. In all, it took three months to design and create Knutti the cuddly toy and we are very proud of how he turned out. He is made from high quality new materials and is available in blood-red, jet-black and snow-white.

This Viking plushie is suitable for children of all ages (tested and approved under UK and EU law).