Collection: Norwegian, Danish & English Candles

We have sought out high quality candles to offer our discerning customer. Candle scent plays a significant role in creating ambiance, evoking emotions, and enhancing overall experiences.

Key aspects of candle scent include aromatherapy, memory and emotion, personalisation, enhancement of an environment, and ambiance. Scent lifts and transforms. It promotes relaxation and reduces stress. In many ways, candle scent brings a sense of personal familiarity that creates the most desired thing of all, ‘home’.

We have selected the following unique brands to bring you wellbeing.

Nordtrice of Denmark

Nordtrice has gained a name for itself for the beautiful production of unusual and highly coloured candles. Each candle is hand-made using different colour schemes that fit perfectly into a modern or more historic interior. Given that each candle is made by hand, every candle is desirably unique.

Ljós of Norway

The LJÓS idea was born in deep forests of Norwegian nature. Ljós produces candles made from natural, sustainable eco soy wax scented with 100% natural essential oils. Hand-poured into apothecary glass to produce nice and warm long-lasting light. Ljós carefully chooses sustainable soy wax for its candles to not only protect the environment but also your health. Essential oils are mixed precisely to create aromatherapeutic scents to either soothe or stimulate your senses.

Maegen of England

Maegen, pronounced may-en is an Old English word meaning spiritual strength or power. A person’s maegen depends on the deeds they do. It can be lost through bad deeds and gained through good deeds. Maegen products are always of a high quality.