Yggdrasil and the Worlds of Viking Legend

Knutti was a true Viking who adhered to the principles of Nordic cosmology. He believed that a sacred tree, the Yggdrasill, hosted nine individual worlds. He believed that his world was surrounded by gods and mystical creatures within an elaborate universe of life, beauty and danger. Earth itself received light when the godly brothers Odin, Vili and Vé used sparks of light from Muspell to create the constellations that the Vikings used to navigate the seas at night. Knutti's was magical!


The ruling gods are called the Æsir, which includes Odin, Thor and Frigg. This world is the most fertile, full of gold and jewels. In Old Norse, this world is called Ásgarðr.


This is the Land of the Elves. There are two types of elves, and Elfheim is home to the Light Elves (Ljósálfar). The goddess Freya rules here. In Old Norse, the world is called Álfheimr.


The dwarves live in this world, which lies underground. Here, too, are the dwarves who are excellent masters smiths and craftsmen. In Old Norse, this world is called Svartálfaheimr.


The human race lives on Midgard. Legend holds that this world will be destroyed at the Last Battle (the Ragnarǫk). In Old Norse, this world is called Miðgarðr.


Here live the giants. They dwell among dark forests and high up on the mountainsides. Upon Jotenheim Odin sacrificed an eye in return for wisdom. In Old Norse this world is called Jǫtunheimr.


This world is less known, but it is known as the home the Vanir people who were gods of fertility, wisdom, and the gift to see into the future. This world is called Vanaheimr in Old Norse.


This is the world of mist. It is a vast land of snow and ice and is one of the oldest worlds in the legends. In Old Norse, this worlds is called Niflheimr.


This is the great realm of fire. It emerged first in the formation of the worlds from the great void called Ginnungagap where worlds are created. The Old Norse name is Múspellsheimr.


When a person has a dishonourable death, they go to Hel or Helheimr as it is called in Old Norse. This is a world of continuation from a life elsewhere; there is no endless torment nor eternal bliss - it is the realm of those who are simply dead.

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