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Spirit of the Woods

Spirit of the Woods

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Taking his place as an integrated part of nature and not as a dislocated entity wandering around homeless in his own existence.

For each step he takes into nature the deeper he steps towards his own true nature.

As he begins to listen he finally becomes able to hear. And he shall hear the beat of her heart, natures heart beating in the running rivers long in the wild winds dancing strong in the roaring thunder above and fire beneath. In the roots of the mountains holding ancient wisdom, in silence discrete.

And he shall finally hear the heart of his own beating his drum of life.

His legs stumping strong by the powers of Uruz in their flesh and bones, each step taken is life created. Tyr builds his spine, his ribs and arms of justice and determination.

Head of hunter shaped by Inguz, creative forces, powers of creations, ability to realize oneself and connecting to the magic in nature, of sacred springs and trees.

Algiz his crown connecting him to his brothers and sisters, the animals, wild beings. Providing inner strength, clarity and protection.

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